black and white photo of Kari Chew
Photo by Ryan RedCorn

Dr. Kari A. B. Chew (she/her) is a Chickasaw citizen and Chikashshanompa’ (Chickasaw language) learner based in the Chickasaw Nation. As a scholar-educator, Dr. Chew’s work contributes to intergenerational Indigenous language revitalization and reclamation. Engaging decolonizing methodologies, she researches pedagogies for Indigenous language learning and teaching, technology to support Indigenous languages, and Indigenous language-in-education policy. She works closely with the Chickasaw Nation on language education projects, including Chickasaw Rosetta Stone and curricula for high school world language courses. She earned a doctorate in Indigenous Language Education and Linguistics from the University of Arizona and was a postdoctoral fellow with NEȾOLṈEW̱ “one mind, one people” at the University of Victoria.