black and white photo of Kari Chew
Dr. Kari A. B. Chew (photo by Ryan RedCorn)

Dr. Kari A. B. Chew (she/her), a Chickasaw Nation citizen, has over fifteen years of experience supporting intergenerational Indigenous language reclamation and education. Her focus is on pedagogies for Indigenous language learning and teaching, technology to support Indigenous languages, and Indigenous language-in-education policy. As an independent researcher and consultant, Dr. Chew works with the Chickasaw Nation on language education projects, including Chickasaw Rosetta Stone and school curricula, among other projects. She earned her doctorate from the University of Arizona and previously was a fellow with NEȾOLṈEW̱ “one mind, one people” at the University of Victoria and professor at the University of Oklahoma. Through her career, Dr. Chew has built an internationally recognized research program, leading fifteen funded research studies engaging decolonizing and Indigenous methodologies. Her research insights are shared in 20+ peer-reviewed publications, 40+ conference presentations, and other media.

Kari A. B. Chew at doctoral graduation


Ph.D., Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies with Linguistics, University of Arizona

M.A., American Indian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

B.A., Native American Studies & Studio Art; Russian Language, Dartmouth College