Creating online Indigenous language courses as decolonizing praxis

This article shares a participatory action research project about the use of technology, specifically online Indigenous language courses, to learn and teach Indigenous languages. The research collaborators are the NEȾOLṈEW̱ ‘one mind, one people’ Partnership, 7000 Languages, and two Indigenous Partners who have created courses with 7000 Languages: the Hase’ Language Revitalization Society and the Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle (P2WILRC). Together we consider 1) how Indigenous Nations and organizations create and implement online courses for their languages and 2) what community-led interventions could make these efforts more effective. We position our work together as decolonizing and transformative praxis toward the continuance of Kwak̓wala, Michif, and other Indigenous languages.

Chew, K. A. B., Child, S., Dormer, J., Little, A., Sammons, O., & Souter, H. (2023). Creating online Indigenous language courses as decolonizing praxis. The Canadian Modern Language Review, 79(3), 181–203. [post-print version]